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Auburn High School Class of 1960

The class of 1960 has set an example for other Auburn area high school graduating classes by giving a $500 scholarship to students at each of the four high schools since 2006.    This represents the “heart and wisdom” of our class to see that supporting today’s youth is our gift back to the community honoring our years in the Auburn schools.

Awardees from each of the years we have offered the alumni scholarships are listed below:


2013 Auburn Alumni Scholarship Winners

Tonight, June 11, 2013, was the last presentation of the 2013 Alumni Scholarship Awards from the Class of 1960.   Lilith Brown presented two students at Auburn Riverside with scholarships, while Wendy Morgan presented one each at Auburn High School and Auburn Mountainview.   Many thanks goes to the Scholarship Selection Committee – Lilith Brown Rambur, Susan Meade Tibeau, Monica Miller Saalfeld and Wendy Morgan.   We met in early May and chose our four recipients based on criteria established by the committee.   Classmates have had a chance to look at the scrapbooks at all of our gatherings and have seen the students selected based on the following:

  • Plans for attendance at one of Washington’s colleges or universities
  • A grade point of 3.0 or over
  • Demonstrated community service (volunteerism)
  • A clear career path from their own personal plans, their chosen school subjects, any volunteer activities they may have been part of and any after school work that is related to what they want to do.

Sometimes, we have adjusted our criteria when we have come across a worthy student who has come through difficult circumstances to get where they are today, and sometimes we may look at waiving a requirement when a student shows real promise for his/her chosen career.   Mostly, we concentrate on finding students who know what they want and are ready to work for it, and who probably will not receive another scholarship because their grade point is below the range generally considered for a scholarship.  

This year, as in the past, we had another group of great candidates.   All of the students we selected are hard-workers, all had some financial need, and all knew clearly what they wanted to do and had been doing things to prepare for their planned careers.   Here’s a little about each one.

Sydney Walsh is a graduating senior at Auburn Riverside.  She wants to be a hair stylist and eventually own her own shop.   She wants to go to Gene Juarez Academy.   She has been styling and cutting hair, playing the violin and serving as a volunteer counselor at Riverside.   She volunteers at an animal shelter near her home, at the YMCA summer camps that focus on giving back to the community and works part-time at McDonald’s near the Super Mall.    She was Sophomore Class Vice President and Junior Class Secretary.    She received awards for her music.   Sydney was very forthright in her application for scholarships.   “As a student at a university, I don’t have much to separate me from anyone else.   There is always going to be someone with a better GPA and more community service….However, going to school for something that I am truly talented at, would motivate me to the best that I can be.  I have chosen to go into cosmetology school because I have always had a knack for hair….I am outgoing…and love meeting new people and am very creative.   With all of these characteristics, being prominent, I feel that cosmetology is a great fit for me.  I am very excited and ambitious to start training.”

Sydney remarked also that she would like to go to Green River when she completes her cosmetology training to learn more about business because she would eventually like to own her own salon.

Amanda Vixie is also a Riverside student.   She would like to go to Pierce College and then on to Central Washington University.   Amanda would like to be an art teacher because she has a passion for art and a desire to help future students as an art teacher.   She believes that art should be an option for all students.   She remarked that, “My six semesters of intensive formal training in fine art and my 192 recorded hours of service with elementary age students gives me the confidence that this is my calling….Please know that I will do whatever it takes to reach my goal.  I am prepared to work hard to become the best teacher I can be so I can positively impact the lives of my future students.”  Amanda has exhibited her artwork at the Auburn City Hall Art Gallery and received the Peoples’ Choice award in December 2012 and Second Place and Peoples’

Choice in the color drawing category in the 20121 Auburn Riverside High School art show.   She has volunteered at her church working with younger children and served in leadership positions at winter camp. 

Leonard J. Elliott is a graduating senior at Auburn Mountainview who wants to study business management at Green River Community College with the goal of owning his own business.   In his application Leonard commented that, “When I was 14 years old I started working in a janitorial warehouse doing odd jobs.   As the business grew so did my responsibilities.   I learned how to pull orders, drive a forklift, install and repair towel dispensers, make deliveries and do maintenance on vehicles.   Working my way up through the company made me appreciate each position….It has made me set my sights to higher levels….I have chosen Business Management as my intended career so that I can learn how to run and manage a business.”  Because of dyslexic problems, Leonard has learned the ethic of hard work and has not been afraid to take on new challenges.   Leonard has been active in the Robotics Club at Auburn Mountainview along with volunteering at his Church.  

Desiree Magill is a graduating senior at Auburn High School.  She received our scholarship and also one from the Auburn Rotary Club.   Desiree would like to study a pre-veterinary course and biology in college.   She wrote in her application, “Ever since I was younger, animals have always impacted me…. They relieved stress and were always good friends to me….I have volunteered in a pet store and rescued animals in bad situations.   I have been accepted at Seattle University, and hope that scholarships will help me be able to attend this private school.  I will become the first in my family to attend college.”   Desiree has received numerous awards through her high school career including Volleyball most valuable player and captain, scholar athlete award, membership in the international thespian society, Dean’s Honor Role in 2012, and was a member of the Auburn Actors Guild.   Desiree also has done volunteer work in the community with Auburn Clean Sweep, Pet N’Things, and the Veteran’s Parade from 2009-2013.   When talking with the Counselors at Award’s night, all of them remarked that Desiree is a very sweet girl and deserving of a scholarship.  

So, fellow classmates, I am very proud of what we have been able to do.   Former Superintendent Linda Cowan remarked to me that the AHS Class of 1960 is her gold standard for alumni.    Give yourself a pat on the back.   Thanks again for making this possible.



2012 Auburn Alumni Scholarships

Our 2012 scholarship committee was Susan Tibeau, Wendy Morgan, Monica Saalfield, and Lilith Rambur has chosen four winners that will make you all proud to be members of the Class of 60. We read over 300 applications and selected four students whose career paths were clear and plans were carefully spelled out. They all had GPAs over 3.0, and had done volunteer work for their schools and in the Auburn community. One student is from Auburn High School, one from Auburn Riverside, and two from Auburn Mountainview.

Tabbitha Schliesman (Auburn Mountainview) wants to be an animal assisted therapist working with individuals who can be helped through the assistance of a service animal. She, herself, has a service dog that is very sensitive to seizures and can alert her and those around her when a seizure may be imminent. She wants to study at the University of Washington Bothell Campus, and is determined to complete her education through earning a Master’s Degree. She has participated in wrestling, in art classes, horseback riding, and studied Japanese for the past four years. Tabbitha has lived with her grandmother for most of her life and has held part-time jobs to help support her desire for her education. Her grandmother has no doubt that Tabbitha will be successful in both her continued academics beyond high school and in any career path she pursues. In her thank you letter to the Class of 1960, Tabbitha wrote that she really wanted to thank us for selecting her for the alumni scholarship. She can use all the money she can get to pay for college because she plans on getting a PhD in community psychology and animal assisted therapy.

Andrew Heiszler (Auburn Mountainview) wants to study computer engineering at Washington State University. He commented in his application that he has always enjoyed working with computers for as long as he can remember and he has seen incredible changes in his lifetime with the development of the personal computer. Andrew’s interests include collecting antiques, mostly old typewriters, campaign buttons and 200 year old newspapers. He has received varsity letters in robotics for the past 3 years. Andrew is an Eagle Scout and active in the rocketry club, card club and physics club at Auburn Mountainview. He has taken advanced placement courses in European History, U.S. History and Government, English, and Calculus. His math teacher wrote; "Andy’s willingness to help others is evident every day in his class. All I have to do is ask and he is there reprogramming or fixing any problem a student may encounter. He does this without making anyone feel stupid, even when they ask the same question over and over."

Ashley Badgely (Auburn Riverside) wants to study pre-nursing or physical therapy. She wants to help others as a result of helping her grandmother after a fall. She has visited her grandmother often and gained a real appreciation for the care that she has received. Ashley has been raised by her Grandmother for most of her life.

She has been active in the Key Club, Japanese Club and the Sports Medicine Club at Auburn Riverside. She wrote in her thank you note to the Class of 1960 that she "knows that our money will not go to waste because I am a determined young lady that wants a great life for myself and my future children." She wrote further that she couldn’t imagine life without education. Lilith presented Ashley with the scholarship and was very impressed with her warmth and intelligence.

Jennifer Luong (Auburn High School) wants to study pre-pharmacy at the University of Washington. She writes that her greatest strength is science and has volunteered in a pharmacy clinic for the past two years. She says that it is rewarding to hand someone their prescription because I know they are on the road to recovery. Jennifer Jennifer has participated in volley ball, Troy Crew, and Key Club. She has also been active in the Sports Medicine program. Her advisor in sports medicine wrote that, "As an advanced student Jennifer’s responsibilities are two-fold. She continues to learn advanced injury prevention, are and treatment techniques and serves student athletes. She now acts as a mentor for first year sports medicine students, a role where her leadership and enthusiasm are evident."  Jennifer wrote in her thank you to the Class of 60 that "receiving this prestigious reward is the most memorable moment of my life. As I begin a new chapter in my life at the University of Washington, I will never forget your kindness and generosity."

As you can tell from our 2012 recipients, our scholarship program is helping and inspiring young people to continue their educations and be productive, independent adults. We hope to continue these scholarships which we began presenting in 2006. We challenge other Auburn High School Classes to do what we are doing.     THANK YOU, CLASS OF 1960.


Class of 2011

Alexa Rutledge                                           Auburn High School

Nhan Huu                                                   Auburn Mountainview High School

Amanda Bowers                                       Auburn Mountainview High School

Remi De La Mora Chavez                        Auburn Riverside High School


Class of 2010

Anh Huan Vo                                               Auburn Mountainview High

Guadalupe Rivera                                     Auburn Riverside High Sch.

Deana Goranson                                      Auburn High School

Robyn Orton                                              Auburn High School


Class of 2009

Naima Hassan                                        Auburn High School

Shawna Carson                                      Auburn Mountainview High


Class of 2008

 Scott Thorson                                        Auburn High School

Randie Sue Wilson                              West Auburn High School

Christina Gondry                                  Auburn MountainView High

Cindy Gonzalez                                     Auburn Riverside High Sch.


Class of 2007

 Kyle Carrier                                           Auburn High School

Alisa Bradley                                         West Auburn High School

Jessica Grover                                     Auburn Riverside High Sch.

Angelena Armendiariz                        Auburn Mountainview High


Class of 2006

 Cory Bantam                              Auburn High School

Sean Peter Moran                       Auburn High School

Amanda Leilani Neilson                 Auburn Riverside High Sch.



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